Scientific Program Highlights

​​​For the CORA 2017 timetable, please click here​.

Keynote Lecture

​Is the microbiome the key for autoimmunity?​

​​​Major Debates

  • ​Can we manage lupus nephritis without chronic corticosteroids administration?

  • Are 2010 diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia better than ​​​1990? 

  • Targeting BAFF/BLyS in SLE: is the glass half-full or half-empty? 

  • Should we treat asymptomatic hyperuricemia?

  • TNF inhibitors in RA and SpA: are they all the same?

  • Can we withdraw immunosuppressants in patients with lupus nephritis in remission?​

  • The revenge: Vitamin D supplementation in autoimmune rheumatic diseases

  • Is ACPA positivity the main driver in RA treatment?

  • Can we withdraw anticoagulation in patients with APS after seroreversion? 

  • Is undifferentiated Spondyloarthritis a discrete entity?

​Short Debates

  • Biosimilar vs Innovators: are they identical?​​

  • ​Hyaluronic acid in osteoarthritis​

  • Tofaticinib is effective and safe in RA pa​tients​

  • ​Should we treat congenital heart block with fluorinated corticosteroids?

  • PET-CT is essential in the diagnosis and follow-up of temporal arteritis​

  • Targeting IL-17 in RA and SpA. Is it equally effective?​​

Curbside Consults

Difficult clinical cases discussed by top experts

  • Systemic sclerosis

  • ​Rheumatoid arthritis​

  • Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome 

  • ​Psoriatic arthritis​

​​Scientific Sessions

  • ​Pregnancy in autoimmune rheumatic diseases​

  • Non organ-specific autoimmune diseases​​

  • New aspects in the treatment of au​toimmune diseases 

  • News from the laboratory

  • Vasculitis 

  • Co-morbidity and multimorbidity in ARD

Special Workshop


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